Sessions: Whatever happened to DJ Dora

Una sa lahat, I dedicate this song to myself.


Meteor Rain



My love will brave everything.


Sleep well. 🙂


College friends, org-mates, and classmates know what this template meant to DJ Dora and to her dear (compulsory) “listeners.” This was how she abused maximized “unli” text subscription way back when…
She can only afford a nighttime non-stop messaging subscription,
Quotes were forwarded without hashtags,
Internet promos meant 3 hours plus 1,
“GMs” (group messages) flooded her 1100 Nokia phone,
GMs were her nightlife,
Strangebrew was her dialect,
Earning money for a concert ticket was her financial goal,
Rock concerts were her major life events,
Jamming was the best time killer,
Havaianas was her dream footwear,
And wearing ArtWork shirts and caps made her feel so cool.


She wrote blogs…
They were all about bathroom stories and everything else “kewl!”
“Tang ina!” her blogs would start.
“Rakenrol!” they end.
Sometimes, her blogs end like this: \,,/.


Now she writes differently.
She speaks differently.
Change has come.
Not only because there is a new president but because time has passed.


We all change by how every person we meet and get along with affects us, touches our hearts, inspires us, leaves us with lessons. Not everyone and everything had changed for the better. But change tells us we did not waste our time refusing evolution and growth.


But then again, some things are meant to stay the same. We have access to thousands of songs right before our fingertips and yet, nothing has replaced dedications and shared listening. 🙂


DJ Dora no longer plays songs on imaginary airwaves. She no longer bothers friends who don’t ask for her specially picked lines.


Some people still remember her, some have forgotten, some cannot even remember a song she has played for them. Some say they miss her but wouldn’t have remembered sans this blog. Some say… They like the old DJ better.


Music evolves and so our lives. A lot has kept DJ Dora from blasting dedications because something bigger than her life has occupied most of her time… for a while and maybe some more in the coming days.


But did she ever stop playing songs? No.
Did she ever stop going to concerts? No.
Did she stop listening and curating playlists? No.
Did she stop singing? No.

Did she stop making music? No.


Music still reminds her of moments and people, and in her mind, she still dedicates songs. She goes to bigger arenas, bangs her head, and at times even make concerts happen. She did not stop dreaming of becoming a rockstar. In fact, she is now a rockstar in the kitchen who belts out lullabies. :p She has found lifetime fans in Tobi and Liam but she remains a fan of Vic Sotto, Champ, Ian Veneracion, and Daniel Padilla, and she still cries over things that are too sentimental.


Her song plays on.


P.S. She remains a fan of F4 and this video made her cry.  😀


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