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Tupperware is a kitchen cabinet staple for every mom in our family. More than a brand name, I grew up knowing it as anything that refers to non-breakable food storage container which definitely makes my mom and grandma mad when not returned, crazy when on sale. 🙂

It’s so much of a household name that we don’t say, “Nasaan ang lalagyan?” (Where is the container?) at home. Instead, we say, “Nasaan ang Tupperware?” (Where is the Tupperware?). Though in reality, I usually hear this in the kitchen, “Nasaan ang takip ng Tupperware?” (Where is the Tupperware lid?).

And I’m not alone.

I am one with thousands (maybe millions out there) who grew up to these Tupperware feels:

When I come home from a long trip and realized I lost my grandma’s Tupperware:

Imagining grandma’s reaction every time I earn Tupperware rewards from supermarket stickers:

The math that we all know when grandma says she’s running out of Tupperwares…

Because when I became a mom, I came to understand why they say…

#TupperwareBrands50th 1

To appreciate neighbors who, after sharing meals with, return your Tupperwares…

To know how it feels to lose one especially when a gathering is upcoming…

I guess every mom would understand. 😉 Classic feels!

We still have classic Tupperwares at home. Here are the much used pieces…

#TuperwareBrands50th 2

If I would guess, it could possibly be older than I am. 🙂 It’s there every family gathering for pancit, steamed and fried rice, chicken lollipops, mixed vegetables in cream, etcetera, etcetera.

But I best remember this every time I go back to when I was just learning how to mix salads. Easy pissy, yes, but that’s the first role I had for noche buenas and media noches. The container with handle and pouring lid would be where the mixed cream and condensadas are, and I would carefully dress the fruits with it.

Who would’ve thought… ♥♥♥ I now make them for my husband who loves salads! ♥♥♥

You see, when I photographed these pieces… I was like…

#TupperwareBrands50th 3

Haha! I know it’s there. That’s the thing when you can’t have too much Tupperware–you’ll never find the matching lid when you need it, but you will when you’re no longer looking for them.  😛 Nonetheless, we always look for it because it saves the day. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Tupperware! Hooray for 50 GOLDEN years!  😀

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