The other reason I loved MILO

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“Nung bata ka ba, binabasa mo rin yung kutsara mo saka isinasawsaw sa powder ng Milo?”

The other night, Tobi and I found a Milo sachet on the dining table. He said I could have it dahil alam nya yatang kulang sa akin. Then he asked if I use to dip wet spoons in Milo powder.

I didn’t wonder why. I knew what he meant.

I smiled back. No need to answer. I was doing the exact thing while he asked.

In my younger years, Nanay used to complain about a big empty can of Milo she just brought a few days earlier. Of course, I’m guilty of it and I’ve always assumed there’s another culprit–my little brother who’s no longer little!  :mrgreen:

I know, we’re supposed to drink Milo moderately. But you know what? Nakakabitin itong inumin with ice cold water! I realized, yung tatlong kutsara ng Milo, iinumin ko lang nang wala pang isang minuto. So instead, I ate Milo.

Mas matagal maubos… nang konti.

Pero mas madaling nauubos ang laman ng lata. 🙂 NEKEKEEDIK!

You either dip the spoon in the water or lick it, then dip it in the powder. The powder will stick onto the spoon. It will then become sticky, chewy bits of chocolate malt and fun to eat (parang Oreo pag dina-dunk sa milk)!

For best results, lick the spoon again after dipping in the powder. Haha Yes, kadiri! But for all we know, I’m not the only one who did it as a kid. 😆  At least, my husband did it too!

On stories we share with our partners…

I love how we remember and rediscover things together–like how Milo powder’s texture had changed.

You know, I’ve lived 20 years before I met my husband–no way we can run out of things to talk about. There’s 20 years (minus the years I can’t remember) of experiences and stories that I can share with him and he had 27 years before our love story began (sorry for the age hint, Lablab!).

These are great stories to share and the best ones can excusably be repeated! We have the rest of our lives to know each other deeper, better. And by the time we run out of stories from our past, say 10 years from now, we can reminisce and look back at our stories together. 🙂

There are times when I think he’s not listening or just bored or simply can’t relate. But they give me more hints–maybe I should tell less of what bores him; maybe I should elaborate more when can’t relate; and the best of all… maybe I can repeat this story next time because he didn’t listen to it! 😀

Sharing is nurturing. To learn more about your partner gives you a better perspective on how to look at his or her needs.

So bakit mo nga minahal ang Milo?

Wait, I’m getting too off the topic!

You know the other reason why I loved Milo? It’s the Taekwondo cutie in the packaging! But that was a long time ago and he’s getting married so girls, forget about fantasizing. 🙂

I still love Milo. It’s just that it’s no longer the same Milo I use to ‘eat.’ :mrgreen:  The texture is different and Japoy is getting married!

SHOUT OUT to all my school seatmates and batchmates who passed around that Candy magazine during Algebra class! Girls… Ang dami kong sinabi pero ang gusto ko lang sabihin ay, “OMG! He’s engaaaaaged!” 🙂

Japoy x Janice: Great Things Start From Small Beginnings from Sorrelle Isles Film Co. on Vimeo.

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