The force that awakens


Today, I woke up to a beautiful morning. With eyes ajar, I saw how bright the day will be. There were series of little kisses all over my lips and they were asking me to wake up to a brand new day. The innocent lips that touched mine made it seem like a fairy tale kiss. These are the days when you don’t really want to get up from bed but you’re just too inspired to seize the day. I woke up to baby kisses I failed to count. I woke up to a very warm hug from my loving husband. How can you not open your eyes with a force as strong as this? I am overjoyed for today, […]

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Children’s Book Exchange

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Being a newbie to nanayhood, I always keep my doors open to limitless opportunities that may still come my way. Now that I have given birth, what else can’t I conquer? Strength wise, I must say I’m stronger than ever. Confidence wise… Hmmm… I think I have a lot more to do. I have lots of insecurities in mind. Apart from having to leave my 6 month-old baby at home, I always leave our room with a messy cabinet after rummaging for an office attire that still fits me well every time I go to work. I try to convince myself that I’m doing something about it. So, I make myself feel clean and sexy! Here are 4 things I do and I […]

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Just A Bed


Before we even got married, Tobi and I already invested on basic furnitures so we can prepare the house we rented for occupancy right after wedding. By basic, I meant a couch where we can talk together and a bed where we can sleep together (and reality says, where we can make a mini-lablab ?). 

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How Painful Was Pacman’s Loss


Tatay Rudy is a true blue Pacman believer. I’d like to believe that every Pinoy is–others proudly, some deep inside (for the sake of betting). May 3, 2015. Everything’s set. We brought our TV out at the porch, even rented tables and chairs, bought snacks and beers, and invited our neighbors. The men were busy putting a shade over the tables while women were busy prepping lunch, teens on the grilling station. This was how we thought we could make the most of what we paid for viewing the fight of the century. It was a feast! It was Tatay Rudy’s birthday, too! All he’s expecting was a Pacman’s win over Mayweather for a gift. We all know what happened […]

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NOTE TO SELF: Ways to stick with your planner


So you were able to get your hard-earned planner from your favorite coffee shop or teahouse. Maybe someone granted that planner on your wish list or you were able to reward yourself with the best you’ve spotted from tons at the bookstore. Enter the new year (Instagrammed it–check!) and you have just filled the first pages with resolutions, short and long term goals. And the first few weeks seem insufficient for your jam-packed year-starter activities. Days have passed, a lot of things came up deviating you from your plans. Now writing on your planner feels so hard to do. As blank spaces grew bigger, you begin to ask, ‘Is it about time to give up on my planner?’ Well, there […]

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Side Effects of Watching ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’


Done watching THAT movie titled ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’? Chances are that you may have got one, some or all of these side effects: 1. THAT phenomenon called Last Song Syndrome (LSS). Bet you repeatedly sang Up Dharma Down’s ‘Tadhana’ as you walked out of the movie house or had the chorus of ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ playing on loop (at least inside your head) on your way home. If by any chance you’re searching for THAT version of ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ used as background music while Mace and Anthony are on the bus to Sagada, here you go… ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ cover by Carlos Castaño. Visit his music site and get to know more about this artist […]

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GUESSING GAME: What my baby looks like


This is a digital painting I made with no particular form nor image projected on my mind. I was just randomly thinking of brushes, strokes and colors, and all that comes across every now and then is a baby. Counting down to my due date, it’ll just be 8 weeks and a day from now then I’ll be able to meet the little man who’s been swimming inside my tummy for the past months. Since I got pregnant, I can’t help but imagine how my baby would look like. Months and months passed, I was able to get black and white photos that have slowly become more and more human. I’ve been staring at my husband’s face every time he […]

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Why set a hashtag for your wedding?


Simply because a hashtag can help you find and gather all the stories your guests have to tell about your wedding easily. Having your wedding videographers and photographers may be enough to cover the full wedding ceremony as well as highlights of your big day but what are your friends’ smart phones and tablets for? You may set a hashtag for your wedding (even for birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, etc.) as soon as you announce your engagement or wedding date. Say upon releasing your ‘Save the Date’ video or e-session photos, you may ask your editors to include an official and unique hashtag at the end of your video or have it watermarked on the corner. You can also have this printed in your […]

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#Lablab2013 Wedding Video (Tobi & Iping)


Oh, here it is, our wedding video! Sharing this to all our dear friends, relatives and colleagues who were present, played their parts, and supported in spirit and all throughout to help us make our big day happen. It took us over a year to finish editing this because we’re too busy–partly too sociable to have lots of gatherings to host and attend to, partly because 2014 has been a year full of celebrity weddings and engagements and you know, we just don’t want to ride and get left behind, haha. But maybe… I was simply too lazy and tired to edit.  🙄 We had more than a year to prepare not for a grand celebration but more importantly, to prep […]

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Since this website served as my gateway back to the blogging world, I guess it’s a good venue to give a musical comeback this warm welcome. After they parted ways and officially decided to disband in 2010, Hale’s last members Champ Lui-Pio (vocalist/guitarist), Sheldon Gellada (bassist), Roll Martinez (lead guitarist), and Paolo Santiago (drummer) reunited in a secret surprise gig at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub — and so, officially, “HALE is BACK!” I don’t know who else cares or is even excited about this (I know some of my dear friends are) but to me, it is one good sign. Aside from healing the heartache that ‘Halers’ got the last time they said goodnight, when all that dominates the […]

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Over and Over (and Over Again) | Paper Anniversary Part 2


I don’t know where to start… again. It felt like a decade since the last time I found the will to blog. The last time I wrote, at least not for profit, I had a long article of frustrations and hopes which I’m too ashamed to publish. I guess the first post on this website is a good point to begin with– The Paper Anniversary. It’s been more than a year since I married my crush. Please bear with me as for the longest time, I’ve been really wanting to share with you how that one great day happened and how it changed my life. But before we do a rewind, I think it’s best to thank everyone who greeted […]

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The Paper Anniversary


Paper anniversary of Tobi and April.

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