On fandom wars and class officers…


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The fandom war among AlDub, JaDine, KathNiel, and LizQuen fans had been put to rest for a while (at least not that loud), thanks to DuCay, BinGo, RoRo, PoeChiz, and YamBong.

I’ve always thought that mix-matching political tandems isn’t fair as it isn’t even easy for love teams to switch partners. For one, the choice of partner in a political arena is more than just a chemistry that clicked then sold. It required a lot MORE because we deserve MORE THAN A SHOW.

I guess that’s exactly what separates Mar and Leni among all other teams. It required a lot. It recognized the fact that our people deserve MORE. That our people deserves concrete plans, competence, integrity, experience, deep understanding and genuine compassion.


They take our ISSUES seriously more than winnability. They present PLATFORMS more than propaganda. They value FACTS more than sweet talks. They choose to highlight FAITH more than frustration. Our COUNTRY more than themselves.

For if not, Leni would’ve run a re-election that guarantees her a high probability of winning than starting from scratch and risking going back to zero, introducing yourself to millions of people who’ve never heard your name. She would’ve chosen a life far from noise.

For if not, Mar would’ve flown to a place where his competence, education and experience are recognized. Where men say “thank you” for a job well done. Where men credit where credits are due. He would’ve chosen a life far from so much hate.


Some would argue, MarLeni is the tandem that promotes status quo because they are for continuity but they only say that because they chose not to listen.

Because have they given Mar and Leni the chance to be heard, they would’ve known that they never said, “Itutuloy namin ang mga kapalpakan ng gobyernong ito.” They would’ve heard Mar saying, “Kung may kulang, pupunan ko. Kung may mali, itatama ko.”

They say Mar and Leni have turned blind eyes to everything that is wrong with this administration. But if only they listened eagerly, they would’ve heard them saying, “We have this problem, here is the solution.”

They say Mar and Leni are incompetent. But if only they’ve read enough, they would’ve found a long list of things that Mar and Leni have accomplished for their countrymen.

They say Mar and Leni are just after their ambitions. But if only they gave a chance to get to know these people, they would’ve realized that Mar and Leni have actually sacrificed.

They say Mar and Leni tread a path only few can take. But if only they took a peek, they would’ve seen how the road has widen for them to join.

They say a lot… but probably know very little. For had they known better, there would be no question. There is only one team to beat. The team that brings the best in its people.

People who choose to believe than doubt. Riding the MRT every single day, having seen how our irrelevant laws slow down government transactions, braving the traffic every day, queueing long lines, being bothered by crimes, seeing beggars along the streets…


Alam nyo ang sagot. We all want what’s best for this country. I am going with only the best options and for that, I’m not willing to trade or compromise anything valuable to me as a Filipino just to pacify my frustrations.

Remember elementary days? When we were taught basic stuff?

You didn’t find the nice guys in the class cool. They were often the teacher’s pet, sometimes annoying. But you know they were right when they told you to keep quiet. You know they were right when they reported the cheaters. You know they were right when they refused to play with you to do their assignments instead. And I’m sure, they were your class officers. Because you didn’t vote the transferee who has yet to adjust. You didn’t vote your notorious friend because he can’t set a good example. You still voted the nice guys because they know the right thing to do.

We’ve all been tirelessly fighting for the team we want to lead in the next 6 years. Mar was right when he said that this election has been so divisive. We are fighting against each other at a time when we are supposed to fight together. Sad story. But you know what? It ain’t over! Forget about pride and being cool. We still have… like 5 days more to fight the good fight together. #RoxasRobredo 🙂

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