Maria Jamie Chenee

Chenee, my dear… Soon your life will change.

We don’t know how, we don’t know where,

And we may die not knowing why,

But something is meant to pass.

It will transform you in ways you’ll never know— It can push you away, break you or ask you to let go.

It will make you the person you ought to be—may not be who you wanted to be.

It may not be who you thought you’ll be, but it is the reason you were designed to breathe.

Jamie, my dear… Someday we’ll figure out,

How the days we shared food and traveled a lot,

The nights we laughed and sang too loud,

Will bring us where we were called and bound.

I may not be with you by then,

But that’s because our hearts were made to wander—

They might get lost and break several times,

Might be torn to pieces and have us cross some lines,

They can make us forget our days together,

Send us to where we can’t find each other.

But Maria, my love… Someone will be there.

Someone will care.

Somehow, someday…

We’ll never know who or how old,

But somebody will come and make your story unfold.

Soon your life will change,

And in time, you might forget my name,

But our hearts have met and yours will remember,

That some time ago, you only needed Him and a friend to know that you are loved. <3

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