Dear Dadey

I can say thank you and I love you anytime or celebrate Father’s Day a little more often but just as ladies love to be surprised on Valentines, I know you are expecting something like this! 😆 

I write to you because I want you to know (I may have said this before but I want you to remember) how thankful I am for having you as my Dadey! 🙂

Thank you for…

All the crazy efforts to make me happy 🙂

For(ever) taking our sibling photos and making us feel like babies for life…

For this photo with my grade school teachers…

Daddy and my teachers

For sometimes being the “Kuya” I never had. 🙂

Kuya Daddy

For being there during my wedding…

For helping me get through pregnancy…

3 Preggies

For making us laugh more often when you’re around! (In case nakalimutan mo, ito ang buwis-buhay shot mo para makuhanan si Aaron at si Water World guy. Hindi mo naman sinabi, gusto mo pala ma-achieve yung kasama ka sa litrato! 😆 )

Daddy Universal Studios

For always trying to be the best at what you do (you know, making pa-cute 😉  )

Daddy Pa-Cute

For replacing the microwave oven I broke in Singapore…  😥 

No photo so here's pretty me in SG haha :-p
No photo so here's pretty me in SG haha :-p

For simply being there 🙂

Daddy's Here

For inspiring us!  😀 

With Aa and our kids

For making me feel loved no matter what <3

Love Daddy

At salamat sa lahat ng iyong “pamana”!  😀

Daddy's Legacy

Salamat sa lahat ng di ko nabanggit at sa lahat ng gagawin mo pa (like buying me a GoPro, enrolling me to London… Charot!). Pwede ko naman itong i-send nalang sa’yo but I want the world to know how lucky I am to have the #CoolestDadEver !


Happy Father’s Daaaayyyy!!!

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