Para sa hindi paglimot

martial law

Hindi tayo binigo ng demokrasya.
Hindi tayo nilugmok ng kalayaan.
Tayo ang bigo sa paggamit ng kalayaan.
Tayo ang bigo sa pag-abot ng tunay na demokrasya.

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Pengeng Popcorn


Pengeng krayola.
Yung maramihan.
Yung makakapagpaalala sa lahat na hindi lang dalawang kulay ang mundo.
Yung magbibigay kulay nang walang malisya.

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Dear Liam…


Today is mother’s day. I woke up with tears of pain after you pushed the jar that dropped on my head. It was not your fault… But that jar really woke me up. 🙂 It made me realize how time flies so so fast. It felt like yesterday when you were still in my dreams–blurred dreams that never revealed your face. And today, you were right beside me, pulling me out of my dream. There were times when I feel lonely and guilty for working days and sleeping through nights away from you. I want to sing more lullabies for you before you get to know Justin Bieber. I want to spend more play time with you. I want to be that person proudly strolling around the neighborhood […]

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On fandom wars and class officers…


Photo credit: Mar Roxas Official FB Page The fandom war among AlDub, JaDine, KathNiel, and LizQuen fans had been put to rest for a while (at least not that loud), thanks to DuCay, BinGo, RoRo, PoeChiz, and YamBong. I’ve always thought that mix-matching political tandems isn’t fair as it isn’t even easy for love teams to switch partners. For one, the choice of partner in a political arena is more than just a chemistry that clicked then sold. It required a lot MORE because we deserve MORE THAN A SHOW. I guess that’s exactly what separates Mar and Leni among all other teams. It required a lot. It recognized the fact that our people deserve MORE. That our people deserves […]

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Bakit ako nangingialam sa eleksyon?


The moment I took the challenge of parenthood, I have already accepted the reality that a child will always be part of every decision I make—anong mainam na sabong panlaba? Anong damit ang hypoallergenic? Anong pagkain ang walang preservatives? Anong kulay ng kurtina ang mabisang panstimulate ng utak ng baby? Anong pabango sa bahay ang hindi toxic? Anong sabon ang binubulong ng konsensya ko? 😀 Ang nakakapraning sa lahat: Anong klaseng presidente ang makakabuti sa kinabukasan ng anak ko? (Ang heavy!) But there’s even more nerve-wracking than that: the choice isn’t just mine to make. Meron pang mas bongga: not everyone is taking it seriously, even some candidates aren’t (I mean local and national, hindi lang yung iniisip mo 😉 ). Unfortunately, […]

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