May forever


We don’t have a fairytale-like love story. And even if I try to make a movie script out of our most kilig scenes, I bet no producer would risk filming it. It’s just an everyday kind of love that has not endured a Romeo and Juliet kind of trial. But what makes it more beautiful than a fairytale, a movie, and a novel is that it’s real.

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Dear Dadey


I can say thank you and I love you anytime or celebrate Father’s Day a little more often but just as ladies love to be surprised on Valentines, I know you are expecting something like this!

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Dear Liam…


Today is mother’s day. I woke up with tears of pain after you pushed the jar that dropped on my head. It was not your fault… But that jar really woke me up. 🙂 It made me realize how time flies so so fast. It felt like yesterday when you were still in my dreams–blurred dreams that never revealed your face. And today, you were right beside me, pulling me out of my dream. There were times when I feel lonely and guilty for working days and sleeping through nights away from you. I want to sing more lullabies for you before you get to know Justin Bieber. I want to spend more play time with you. I want to be that person proudly strolling around the neighborhood […]

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When you kill the killer…


  “I have never believed that hatred and recrimination can solve problems.”  That was a message printed on a card placed at the entrance to the wake of a 4 year-old child brutally beheaded near her mom… And that message came from the mom herself, Claire Wang. I shared Wang’s story more than a month ago when I thought it was very timely to help make people see that it ain’t too late to have more faith in humanity… But it seems it wasn’t shared enough. Our sympathy always go to the innocent. What exactly could appease a victim? Justice, we say. But is justice always equivalent to punishment? And is death really an acceptable punishment? We’ve been clamouring for justice too […]

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Maria Jamie Chenee


Chenee, my dear… Soon your life will change. We don’t know how, we don’t know where, And we may die not knowing why, But something is meant to pass. It will transform you in ways you’ll never know— It can push you away, break you or ask you to let go. It will make you the person you ought to be—may not be who you wanted to be. It may not be who you thought you’ll be, but it is the reason you were designed to breathe. Jamie, my dear… Someday we’ll figure out, How the days we shared food and traveled a lot, The nights we laughed and sang too loud, Will bring us where we were called and […]

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The other reason I loved MILO


“Nung bata ka ba, binabasa mo rin yung kutsara mo saka isinasawsaw sa powder ng Milo?” The other night, Tobi and I found a Milo sachet on the dining table. He said I could have it dahil alam nya yatang kulang sa akin. Then he asked if I use to dip wet spoons in Milo powder. I didn’t wonder why. I knew what he meant. I smiled back. No need to answer. I was doing the exact thing while he asked. In my younger years, Nanay used to complain about a big empty can of Milo she just brought a few days earlier. Of course, I’m guilty of it and I’ve always assumed there’s another culprit–my little brother who’s no longer little!  I know, we’re supposed to […]

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The force that awakens


Today, I woke up to a beautiful morning. With eyes ajar, I saw how bright the day will be. There were series of little kisses all over my lips and they were asking me to wake up to a brand new day. The innocent lips that touched mine made it seem like a fairy tale kiss. These are the days when you don’t really want to get up from bed but you’re just too inspired to seize the day. I woke up to baby kisses I failed to count. I woke up to a very warm hug from my loving husband. How can you not open your eyes with a force as strong as this? I am overjoyed for today, […]

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Just A Bed


Before we even got married, Tobi and I already invested on basic furnitures so we can prepare the house we rented for occupancy right after wedding. By basic, I meant a couch where we can talk together and a bed where we can sleep together (and reality says, where we can make a mini-lablab ?). 

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Over and Over (and Over Again) | Paper Anniversary Part 2


I don’t know where to start… again. It felt like a decade since the last time I found the will to blog. The last time I wrote, at least not for profit, I had a long article of frustrations and hopes which I’m too ashamed to publish. I guess the first post on this website is a good point to begin with– The Paper Anniversary. It’s been more than a year since I married my crush. Please bear with me as for the longest time, I’ve been really wanting to share with you how that one great day happened and how it changed my life. But before we do a rewind, I think it’s best to thank everyone who greeted […]

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The Paper Anniversary


Paper anniversary of Tobi and April.

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