Sessions: Whatever happened to DJ Dora


DJ DORA: Una sa lahat, I dedicate this song to myself.   NOW PLAYING: Meteor Rain   ARTIST: F4 My love will brave everything.   Sleep well. 🙂   College friends, org-mates, and classmates know what this template meant to DJ Dora and to her dear (compulsory) “listeners.” This was how she abused maximized “unli” text subscription way back when… She can only afford a nighttime non-stop messaging subscription, Quotes were forwarded without hashtags, Internet promos meant 3 hours plus 1, “GMs” (group messages) flooded her 1100 Nokia phone, GMs were her nightlife, Strangebrew was her dialect, Earning money for a concert ticket was her financial goal, Rock concerts were her major life events, Jamming was the best time killer, […]

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May forever


We don’t have a fairytale-like love story. And even if I try to make a movie script out of our most kilig scenes, I bet no producer would risk filming it. It’s just an everyday kind of love that has not endured a Romeo and Juliet kind of trial. But what makes it more beautiful than a fairytale, a movie, and a novel is that it’s real.

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Minsan Kong Sinulat


Minsan akong sumulat para sa’yo, kung maaalala mo… Mahaba ngunit kulang ang mga letra, Maraming salita ngunit ang tunay na mensahe, nasa dulo pa rin ng aking dila. Minsan rin akong sumulat ng kanta, putol at walang musika, Saulado pa subalit limot na kung bakit ko ito ginawa.   Minsan ko na rin atang iginuhit ang iyong mukha, Sayang, naubusan ng tinta. Maaaring baka sa tagal na hindi ko maperpekto ang larawan mo, Nakalimutan ko na kung paano ka nabuo sa isip ko. Nakalimutan ko na kung sino sa atin ang unang nagpakilala. Nakalimutan ko na kung kailan ka huling nangamusta. Nakalimutan ko na kung paano ako nahulog sa kanal patawid sa tambayan mo. Nakalimutan ko na kung sa’ng banda ako naiwan ng jeep sa kabubuntot sa’yo. […]

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Dear Liam…


Today is mother’s day. I woke up with tears of pain after you pushed the jar that dropped on my head. It was not your fault… But that jar really woke me up. 🙂 It made me realize how time flies so so fast. It felt like yesterday when you were still in my dreams–blurred dreams that never revealed your face. And today, you were right beside me, pulling me out of my dream. There were times when I feel lonely and guilty for working days and sleeping through nights away from you. I want to sing more lullabies for you before you get to know Justin Bieber. I want to spend more play time with you. I want to be that person proudly strolling around the neighborhood […]

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