Sessions: Whatever happened to DJ Dora


DJ DORA: Una sa lahat, I dedicate this song to myself.   NOW PLAYING: Meteor Rain   ARTIST: F4 My love will brave everything.   Sleep well. 🙂   College friends, org-mates, and classmates know what this template meant to DJ Dora and to her dear (compulsory) “listeners.” This was how she abused maximized “unli” text subscription way back when… She can only afford a nighttime non-stop messaging subscription, Quotes were forwarded without hashtags, Internet promos meant 3 hours plus 1, “GMs” (group messages) flooded her 1100 Nokia phone, GMs were her nightlife, Strangebrew was her dialect, Earning money for a concert ticket was her financial goal, Rock concerts were her major life events, Jamming was the best time killer, […]

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Para sa hindi paglimot

martial law

Hindi tayo binigo ng demokrasya.
Hindi tayo nilugmok ng kalayaan.
Tayo ang bigo sa paggamit ng kalayaan.
Tayo ang bigo sa pag-abot ng tunay na demokrasya.

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Savor classical music in Mariduque’s Musika sa Isla


Once again, classical music takes center stage in Marinduque as it holds its 3rd annual international music festival, the country’s only classical music fest, on May 18, 19, and 21. This year, “Musika sa Isla” brings symphonies to wake the sleepy town of Boac featuring premier musicians from across the Asia. A diverse roster of musical talents, ranging from pianists to seasoned singers will grace to perform in the music fest. This year, Franz Chen of Indonesia and Tomoyo Kobayashi from Japan are playing the piano. Japan’s Kazuki Yamamoto is the festival’s lone violinist, while Ivan Jenzer is representing the Philippines on the cello. Filipino soprano singer Arlene Escultero and baritone singer Joseleo Logdat are joining as well. “Musika sa Isla” will take place in the capital’s storied attractions: May 18, 6 […]

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Color Problems


While waiting for our eat-all-you-can buffet turn during our anniversary date, Tobi and I took turns strolling Liam around the mall so the little boy won’t get bored. As I took my turn to roam around alone, I found this interesting read at Fully Booked. It’s called “The Day Crayons Quit.” It was really fun to read that I almost bought it, only that I belatedly realized… I didn’t bring my wallet! The children’s book has got humour that would make an adult (like me) smile. It talks about the “hugots” of every color and it’s indeed successful in sort of humanizing crayons by voicing out their so-called “feelings.” 😊 Beige, for one, complains about being called Light Brown or […]

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