Bakit ako nangingialam sa eleksyon?

The moment I took the challenge of parenthood, I have already accepted the reality that a child will always be part of every decision I make—anong mainam na sabong panlaba? Anong damit ang hypoallergenic? Anong pagkain ang walang preservatives? Anong kulay ng kurtina ang mabisang panstimulate ng utak ng baby? Anong pabango sa bahay ang hindi toxic? Anong sabon ang binubulong ng konsensya ko? 😀

Ang nakakapraning sa lahat: Anong klaseng presidente ang makakabuti sa kinabukasan ng anak ko? (Ang heavy!)

But there’s even more nerve-wracking than that: the choice isn’t just mine to make.

Meron pang mas bongga: not everyone is taking it seriously, even some candidates aren’t (I mean local and national, hindi lang yung iniisip mo 😉 ).

Unfortunately, there’s no presidentiable dangling a tag that he or she is nanay-approved. Even a certified mom doesn’t necessarily make one a mom-approved candidate. So there will never be a consensus, at least for this coming election. Only a majority vote.

Every Juan only has one vote, no big deal to some. But voting is making a decision heavier than comparing nutritional facts on a grocery store.

The next president is my child’s president. My child will grow up watching everyday news bearing facial reactions, stories, and sound bites coming from this president. My child will grow up hearing complaints and praises about the government from old folks around him. My child will grow up learning from the ways and the culture set by the next president’s examples.

As moms, we all want what’s best for our kids. If it’s nanay-approved, it’s got to be the BEST. It CANNOT COMPROMISE anything we value. We DO NOT settle for anything LESS. We do not buy at a COST we cannot afford.

Sigurista tayo eh

Ayaw nating nag-eeksperimento sa mga anak natin. Di ba, ayaw nga natin ng doktor na pinagpapraktisan ng bakuna ang anak natin?

Ayaw natin ng doktor na sobrang mahal maningil.

Ayaw natin ng doktor na lumang estilo pa rin ng panggagamot ang alam, ng doktor na puro lang chika, hindi kapani-paniwala. Ayaw natin ng doktor na nanghuhula pa ng gagawin sa anak natin.

Gusto natin ng doktor na alam na alam na kung ano ang kailangan nyang gagawin. Dapat alam nya ang gamot na kailangan ng anak ko pero hindi nya sasabihin na ooperahan na ang anak ko kung hindi naman kailangan.

The doctor alone can’t  assure my child’s safety. A lot of things can happen outside the clinic. I must be told the ways to keep my baby healthy because the responsibility of taking good care of my child is still in my hands.

It will always be good to remember, choosing the right doctor isn’t the only decision you have to make. 

Kasi pipili ka pa ng bise-presidente, senators, governor, board members, mayor, congressman at mga konsehal—mga kamay na daraanan ng tax na pambili na rin sana ng maraming diapers at gatas ni baby. 🙂

But this election is not just about where our taxes will go in the next 6 years. It will shape the kind of legacy we will impart on those who will succeed us. More important than living a day when I can see a first-world nation in my country is leaving my child at a time when I am sure that he is at the best position to achieve his dreams.

March 10, 2015, Tuesday. I gave birth to Liam. Tuesdays meant ‘meeting days’ back then. Of course, I had to advise my teammates I couldn’t make it because… “My baby is here!”

But in my mind, my baby was too amazing I was pondering on the idea of not going back to work ’til I was told, “Then all the more we need to work hard to give a better future to your child.”

And that’s all I have to remember whenever I am asked why this election is important to me. 🙂

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