The Who

Iping Reyes-Ardoña

Ako si Iping.

This is where I write when there’s enough break for me whenever I find the will to blog.

I’m a TV program segment producer turned copywriter turned public servant who became a political advocate and a social media writer. Watch out, I  might just turn into a superstar. Charot!

On the side, I work on videos, writing projects and other crafts. I also help out various campaigns (social, environmental, political, entertainment, etc.) from time to time. I’m a usual-go-to person for friends and relatives who need help with small parties, gatherings and surprises.


On top of these, I’m a WIFE and a MOM–the best roles of all!

I try to cook when I’m home, sing a lot of lullabies and nursery rhymes, and I try hard to be a good storyteller. I also try my best to keep the house organized. I TRY… at least. 🙂

I grew up in the province where I’m a few steps away from fish ponds, a resort, an orphanage, and a seminary. Farms and bakeries use to be my playpens but now I want to have my own (plus a tea and craft house!).

Ano pa ba?

I’m quite interested in poetry. 🙂

I can do videokethon and zumbathlon.

I love OPM bands and indie films.

I cry a lot.

But I laugh more often.

Uhm… Ano pa ba?

I’ve evolved from being a bathroom story blogger to a mommy blogger. You’ll surely get to know me better through this blog. This is where I share some of my experiences, thoughts and realizations or just whatever runs in my head.

Welcome to the official publication of my journey through nanayhood and beyond. 🙂

Feel free to comment. Collaboration? Let’s talk. Click any of the social media buttons above or email me at Shewt!


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