Tupperware feels

#TupperwareBrands50th 3

It’s so much of a household name that we don’t say, “Nasaan ang lalagyan?” (Where is the container?) at home. Instead, we say, “Nasaan ang Tupperware?” (Where is the Tupperware?). Though in reality, I usually hear this in the kitchen, “Nasaan ang takip ng Tupperware?” (Where is the Tupperware lid?).

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Sessions: Whatever happened to DJ Dora


DJ DORA: Una sa lahat, I dedicate this song to myself.   NOW PLAYING: Meteor Rain   ARTIST: F4 My love will brave everything.   Sleep well. 🙂   College friends, org-mates, and classmates know what this template meant to DJ Dora and to her dear (compulsory) “listeners.” This was how she abused maximized “unli” text subscription way back when… She can only afford a nighttime non-stop messaging subscription, Quotes were forwarded without hashtags, Internet promos meant 3 hours plus 1, “GMs” (group messages) flooded her 1100 Nokia phone, GMs were her nightlife, Strangebrew was her dialect, Earning money for a concert ticket was her financial goal, Rock concerts were her major life events, Jamming was the best time killer, […]

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Para sa hindi paglimot

martial law

Hindi tayo binigo ng demokrasya.
Hindi tayo nilugmok ng kalayaan.
Tayo ang bigo sa paggamit ng kalayaan.
Tayo ang bigo sa pag-abot ng tunay na demokrasya.

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May forever


We don’t have a fairytale-like love story. And even if I try to make a movie script out of our most kilig scenes, I bet no producer would risk filming it. It’s just an everyday kind of love that has not endured a Romeo and Juliet kind of trial. But what makes it more beautiful than a fairytale, a movie, and a novel is that it’s real.

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Pengeng Popcorn


Pengeng krayola.
Yung maramihan.
Yung makakapagpaalala sa lahat na hindi lang dalawang kulay ang mundo.
Yung magbibigay kulay nang walang malisya.

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Minsan Kong Sinulat


Minsan akong sumulat para sa’yo, kung maaalala mo… Mahaba ngunit kulang ang mga letra, Maraming salita ngunit ang tunay na mensahe, nasa dulo pa rin ng aking dila. Minsan rin akong sumulat ng kanta, putol at walang musika, Saulado pa subalit limot na kung bakit ko ito ginawa.   Minsan ko na rin atang iginuhit ang iyong mukha, Sayang, naubusan ng tinta. Maaaring baka sa tagal na hindi ko maperpekto ang larawan mo, Nakalimutan ko na kung paano ka nabuo sa isip ko. Nakalimutan ko na kung sino sa atin ang unang nagpakilala. Nakalimutan ko na kung kailan ka huling nangamusta. Nakalimutan ko na kung paano ako nahulog sa kanal patawid sa tambayan mo. Nakalimutan ko na kung sa’ng banda ako naiwan ng jeep sa kabubuntot sa’yo. […]

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Dear Dadey


I can say thank you and I love you anytime or celebrate Father’s Day a little more often but just as ladies love to be surprised on Valentines, I know you are expecting something like this!

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I Want Seats: Your Bus Booking Hero


A lot of people book flights and cabs more often than ever with the rise of piso-airline fare online booking, Uber and Grab. Guess what… You may now book local bus rides ahead of time, thanks to iWantSeats.com.ph.

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What’s in Muni for 2016?


When MUNI Market started, the goal was to keep growing the community, and continue (yes, I’m talking about continuity again! 😉 ) bringing the message of mindful living to more people around the metro, the country, and the world. And so… This coming May 21, the MUNI team conducts a happy experiment with their first ever MUNI Market in Nuvali! Sure, they’ll bring their community of purpose-driven merchants and supporters to this refreshing location in the south of metro, while discovering and welcoming new folks from the south into the MUNI community as well. Dear, look at the calming lake across Solenad 3, the upcoming MUNI Market venue… Now on its 5th run, the only MUNI Market in 2016 will be popping up with its merry band of mindful […]

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Savor classical music in Mariduque’s Musika sa Isla


Once again, classical music takes center stage in Marinduque as it holds its 3rd annual international music festival, the country’s only classical music fest, on May 18, 19, and 21. This year, “Musika sa Isla” brings symphonies to wake the sleepy town of Boac featuring premier musicians from across the Asia. A diverse roster of musical talents, ranging from pianists to seasoned singers will grace to perform in the music fest. This year, Franz Chen of Indonesia and Tomoyo Kobayashi from Japan are playing the piano. Japan’s Kazuki Yamamoto is the festival’s lone violinist, while Ivan Jenzer is representing the Philippines on the cello. Filipino soprano singer Arlene Escultero and baritone singer Joseleo Logdat are joining as well. “Musika sa Isla” will take place in the capital’s storied attractions: May 18, 6 […]

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Dear Liam…


Today is mother’s day. I woke up with tears of pain after you pushed the jar that dropped on my head. It was not your fault… But that jar really woke me up. 🙂 It made me realize how time flies so so fast. It felt like yesterday when you were still in my dreams–blurred dreams that never revealed your face. And today, you were right beside me, pulling me out of my dream. There were times when I feel lonely and guilty for working days and sleeping through nights away from you. I want to sing more lullabies for you before you get to know Justin Bieber. I want to spend more play time with you. I want to be that person proudly strolling around the neighborhood […]

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On fandom wars and class officers


Photo credit: Mar Roxas Official FB Page The fandom war among AlDub, JaDine, KathNiel, and LizQuen fans had been put to rest for a while (at least not that loud), thanks to DuCay, BinGo, RoRo, PoeChiz, and YamBong. I’ve always thought that mix-matching political tandems isn’t fair as it isn’t even easy for love teams to switch partners. For one, the choice of partner in a political arena is more than just a chemistry that clicked then sold. It required a lot MORE because we deserve MORE THAN A SHOW. I guess that’s exactly what separates Mar and Leni among all other teams. It required a lot. It recognized the fact that our people deserve MORE. That our people deserves […]

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When you kill the killer


  “I have never believed that hatred and recrimination can solve problems.”  That was a message printed on a card placed at the entrance to the wake of a 4 year-old child brutally beheaded near her mom
 And that message came from the mom herself, Claire Wang. I shared Wang’s story more than a month ago when I thought it was very timely to help make people see that it ain’t too late to have more faith in humanity… But it seems it wasn’t shared enough. Our sympathy always go to the innocent. What exactly could appease a victim? Justice, we say. But is justice always equivalent to punishment? And is death really an acceptable punishment? We’ve been clamouring for justice too […]

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Bakit ako nangingialam sa eleksyon?


The moment I took the challenge of parenthood, I have already accepted the reality that a child will always be part of every decision I make—anong mainam na sabong panlaba? Anong damit ang hypoallergenic? Anong pagkain ang walang preservatives? Anong kulay ng kurtina ang mabisang panstimulate ng utak ng baby? Anong pabango sa bahay ang hindi toxic? Anong sabon ang binubulong ng konsensya ko? 😀 Ang nakakapraning sa lahat: Anong klaseng presidente ang makakabuti sa kinabukasan ng anak ko? (Ang heavy!) But there’s even more nerve-wracking than that: the choice isn’t just mine to make. Meron pang mas bongga: not everyone is taking it seriously, even some candidates aren’t (I mean local and national, hindi lang yung iniisip mo 😉 ). Unfortunately, […]

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Maria Jamie Chenee


Chenee, my dear
 Soon your life will change. We don’t know how, we don’t know where, And we may die not knowing why, But something is meant to pass. It will transform you in ways you’ll never know— It can push you away, break you or ask you to let go. It will make you the person you ought to be—may not be who you wanted to be. It may not be who you thought you’ll be, but it is the reason you were designed to breathe. Jamie, my dear
 Someday we’ll figure out, How the days we shared food and traveled a lot, The nights we laughed and sang too loud, Will bring us where we were called and […]

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The Rape of My Countrymen


“A person sexually abuses a child when he or she exposes the child to sexual acts or behavior; that child may experience a variety of short and long term reactions as a consequence of that abuse (NSVRC, 2011).” I tried hard not to join the discussion. I will never share that video. Some of you know that I’ve been working with the Liberal Party for years now but I wish to not be viewed as such on this matter. I have always tried to understand and give as much respect as possible to all other candidates, even reviewed each of their plans and backgrounds (even the ones around them) just as any other voter would have to. Mayor Duterte would not be loved and […]

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The other reason I loved MILO


“Nung bata ka ba, binabasa mo rin yung kutsara mo saka isinasawsaw sa powder ng Milo?” The other night, Tobi and I found a Milo sachet on the dining table. He said I could have it dahil alam nya yatang kulang sa akin. Then he asked if I use to dip wet spoons in Milo powder. I didn’t wonder why. I knew what he meant. I smiled back. No need to answer. I was doing the exact thing while he asked. In my younger years, Nanay used to complain about a big empty can of Milo she just brought a few days earlier. Of course, I’m guilty of it and I’ve always assumed there’s another culprit–my little brother who’s no longer little!  I know, we’re supposed to […]

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Must-try family adventure trips from Zoomanity Group Theme Parks


It’s that time of the year again when we can all go on an adventure with the whole family. When we surely can’t beat the heat, we better get the most of summer! Searching for some FUN and EXCITEMENT? Let Zoomanity Group Theme Parks take care of it. Here are some of their must-try theme parks: Zoobic Safari Zoobic Safari Tigers. Crocodiles. Snakes. Lizards. Those were just some of the animals you can see in Zoobic Safari. Spot this tourist attraction at Subic Bay Freeport’s Forest Adventure. Featuring a wide range of habitats present in the forest due to the terrain, presence of streams, and fringing grasslands, prepare yourselves for an astonishing sight of diverse exotic animals roaming and frolicking in their simulated natural habitat. Find these major habitats […]

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Color Problems


While waiting for our eat-all-you-can buffet turn during our anniversary date, Tobi and I took turns strolling Liam around the mall so the little boy won’t get bored. As I took my turn to roam around alone, I found this interesting read at Fully Booked. It’s called “The Day Crayons Quit.” It was really fun to read that I almost bought it, only that I belatedly realized… I didn’t bring my wallet! The children’s book has got humour that would make an adult (like me) smile. It talks about the “hugots” of every color and it’s indeed successful in sort of humanizing crayons by voicing out their so-called “feelings.” 😊 Beige, for one, complains about being called Light Brown or […]

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